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Frequently Asked Questions

The Saw Centre FAQ Overview

This FAQ will answer any questions you might have about The Saw Centre as a company, the services we provide, and much more that may not be obvious from other areas of the website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any trouble finding what you're looking for or if your question hasn't been answered.


FAQ Category Quick Links

Blade Sharpening and Tooling Regrinding

Bandsaw Blade Welding

STIHL Authorised Dealer and Service Centre

Power Tool Repair

Service Engineering

Glasgow Trade Shop

Area Van Sales Representatives



Blade Sharpening and Tooling Regrinding


I have blunt saw blades how do I get them sharpened?

Send your blades to us securely packaged, bring them into our trade shop or give them to one of our van drivers. See our saw sharpening page for more details.

How much does sharpening my blunt saw blades cost?

TCT blades up to around 350mm diameter cost £8.50 ex vat to sharpen.
HSS blades up to around 350mm diameter cost £14.00 ex vat to sharpen.

Some of the teeth came off my TCT blade, can you repair it?

Yes. Just get your blades to us and we’ll do the rest.

I have blades in for sharpening, are they ready yet?

If you dropped your blades into the shop we’ll text you when your blades are ready.

I have a box of various blunt drill bits, can you sharpen them?

Yes. Just send them too us or drop them into the trade shop and we’ll do the rest.


Bandsaw Blade Welding


I can't find the size I need online, can you weld me a bandsaw blade?

Absolutely. We can make up just about any configuration of bandsaw blade you need.

Do education facilities get special discounts on bandsaw blades?

Yes. Please contact our sales team for more information.

My bandsaw snapped at the weld can I get a replacement?

Of course! It doesn’t happen often but occasionally a blade will snap at the weld, there are a few causes for this, speak to one of our sales team to get a replacement.

The teeth stripped off my bandsaw whilst cutting, what's wrong with my blade?

Chances are the blade you’re using to cut your material isn’t fit for purpose, contact one of our sales team to discuss your requirements in more detail.


STIHL Authorised Dealer and Service Centre


How much does it cost to service my chainsaw / hedgetrimmer / lawnmower?

That’s not something we can give you an estimate on, it depends on too many factors to make an accurate estimate possible.

What's the difference between STIHL's domestic and professional warranties?

Domestic warranties last for 3 years and professional warranties last for 1 year, this is to accommodate the vast difference in usage between domestic and professional users.


Power Tool Repair


How do I get my power tool serviced or repaired?

Bring it in to our trade shop and book it in for service or repair.

What brands of power tools can we service and repair?

There’s a full list available on the power tool repair page.

My power tool broke but it's still under warranty, can you repair it?

If you bought the item from us, yes we can, if not we encourage you to contact the company responsible for the sale.


Service Engineering


My machinery broke down, can I get a service engineer?

Speak to our service team to arrange a service engineer visiting your premises.

I need spare parts for my machine can you help?

Of course, speak to our service team to discuss your requirements.


Glasgow Trade Shop


What are your opening hours?

We are open between 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Where are you in Glasgow?

Shawlands on the southside of Glasgow, check the contact us page for a map which will help direct you.


Area Van Sales Representatives


Can you send one of your sales vans into my business weekly?

Unfortunately, we can’t cover all areas of Scotland, please check our area van sales page for a map of coverage and more information.

Can the vans collect my blades for sharpening and bring them back?

Yes, if we service your area we can help you, please view the area van sales page for more information.



How much do I need to spend to get free delivery?

Spend over £100 to qualify for free delivery.

Do you ship to the Republic of Ireland?

Unfortunately not via the website, contact one of our sales team who may be able to take your order.