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Kingsland Compact 80 Hydraulic Steelworker with 5 Workstations

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Kingsland Machinery

The Kingsland Compact 80 are universal hydraulic steelworkers with 5 workstations. Punch, angle, section cutting & notching, shearing all on One Machine.

An extensive range of applications, tube notching, bending, bar-end cropping special shape punching.50 tonne capacity,3 phase Machine. Well-engineered, robust steelworkers built for a long working life.

Kingsland Compact 80 Hydraulic Steelworker with 5 Workstations

The Kingsland Compact 80 are universal hydraulic steelworkers with 5 workstations, developed for production purposes with maximum efficiency. The Compact machines are designed and manufactured using our long experience in manufacturing of hydraulic steelworkers. Well-engineered, robust steelworkers, built for a long working life.

Comprehensive safety guards are fitted as standard on all workstations. Free standing on a suitable floor, they just require electrical connection to be ready for work. Shielded foot control.

The hydraulic circuit is activated by a shielded foot-pedal. The inch mode on each workstation enables the correct work piece positioning and tool alignment. Limit switches allow accurate adjustment of the stroke length for maximum efficiency. Stroke with automatic return.

Angle cutting.

On the angle cutting station, angle iron can be cut on every angle from 45° up to 90°, both internal and external, without any adaptations to the machine. Flanges from larger angle iron can be mitre cut with the shear.

Low maintenance.

Moreover, the machines are equipped with centralised pressure lubrication – being one feature of the low maintenance. 

5 Workstations and an extensive range of standard equipment.

The universal steelworkers are delivered with an extensive range of standard equipment, such as large heavy-duty tables on the punch, shear, and notching station. Easy adjustable hold-downs to enable production in a safe and accurate way are fitted on every station. Free standing on suitable floor, they just need electrical connection to be ready to work.

1 Punch station.

The easy tool change system and swing-away stripper with fast manual adjustment assures a quick setup and is designed for a wide range of punching applications.

2 Section cutting station.

The machines are fitted as standard with blades for cutting round and square bars.

With extra equipment in this aperture, the machines are able to cut channel, beams or joist, T-section and many other special profiles.

3 Angle station

Cropping angle iron is possible for every angle between 45° and 90°, both internal and external.

4 Shearing.

Specially designed blade approach angle to avoid the necessity to change blade settings when cutting thick or thin material and yet offer minimum distortion cropping.

5 Notching station.

This versatile unit is standard equipped with a rectangular notch unit. The notch table has adjustable back and side stops. Side notch applications are also possible.



  • Maximum Capacity: 28 x 20mm
  • Diameter x Thickness: 38 x 14mm
  • Stroke Length: 55mm
  • Standard Throat Depth: 220mm
  • Largest Hole (standard): 38mm
  • Largest Hole (optional): 110mm
  • Maximum Section: 160mm
  • Working Height: 990mm


  • Flat Bar - Max thickness: 200 x 20mm
  • Flat Bar- Max width: 300 x 13mm
  • Angle Flange Trim: 80 x 10mm
  • Working Height: 990 mm

Angle Cutting

  • 90° cut: 120 x 12mm
  • 45° mitre max 45°: 80 x 8mm
  • Working Height: 1190mm

Section Cutting

  • Round / Square: 40/35mm
  • Channel / Beam: 102 x 51mm
  • Tee: 76 x 10mm


  • Material Thickness: 12mm
  • Width – Rectangular: 42mm
  • Depth – Rectangular: 100mm
  • Depth - Vee: 60mm
  • Angle flange: 100 x 12mm
  • Working Height: 990mm

Corner Notch

  • Maximum Capacity: 150 x 4mm

Tube Notch

  • Maximum Diameter: 60mm


  • Sheet Bending: 150 x 5mm max capacity
  • Bar Bending on Notch End: 150 x 12mm

Notch Station Punching

  • Throat Depth: 110mm
  • Maximum Capacity: 24 x 12mm

Technical Data

  • Motor Power: 5.5 Kw
  • Net Weight: 1290 Kg
  • Gross Weight: 1410 Kg
  • Machine Dimensions (L x W x H): 1520 x 590 x 1700mm
  • Packed dimensions (L x W x H): 1660 x 770 x 1900mm
More Information
Manufacturer Kingsland
Voltage Three Phase Voltage (380 - 415V)
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