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DeWalt Lasers

A laser level is used to project a constant and common level line of light onto a surface on a horizontal or vertical plane. This is most useful in transferring a level from one place to another as is required, for example, when fitting picture rails or dado rails to the wall of a room.

Spot or Fixed Laser Levels are fixed in a set position to project a straight line of light on a single plain from which markings can be made for positioning or using for calculations.

Line or Cross Line Laser Levels will project a vertical and horizontal line to form a cross on the wall. This is very useful of you need to make sure that you have a vertical line as well as a horizontal level line.

Rotary Laser Levels use of a laser beam and mirrors which spin at speed projecting a constant line around an enclosed space drawing a precise and uniform level around the whole room. This can be seriously helpful if you need to get a precise level across the whole room. This is great for skirting, dado rails, levelling windows, doors and other openings.

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