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Vacuum lifting equipment is widely used in many industrial sectors for the lifting and handling of materials/components that have a flat or smooth surface. In particular materials such as metal or glass plates, concrete slabs, pipes, plaster boards, plastic laminates, cement bags, beer kegs and tins etc. can be easily lifted and handled using vacuum lifting equipment. Vacuum lifting equipment utilises suction pads (in place of conventional lifting accessories) for the purpose of attaching and lifting loads.

HOVA Maschinenbau has been one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum lifting technology for over 20 years. With the move to the new company building in 2006, the company expanded its product range and has since received several awards, including the “Schrittmacher” in 2007 and the Austrian national emblem for quality products in 2010. Through continuous innovation, HOVA Maschinenbau has achieved a leading position in the region.

The company prides itself on meeting the individual requirements of its customers. The motivated and highly trained team works hard to develop special solutions that are manufactured in the company’s own production facilities. HOVA Maschinenbau always aims to find a suitable and safe solution for every requirement.

The company received EN ISO 9001:2015 certification in November 2018 and is the only Austrian manufacturer of vacuum lifting equipment. HOVA Maschinenbau always strives to meet the highest standards in design, manufacturing and service and remains a reliable partner for its customers.

Vacuum Lifting Systems

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