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Sawco Industrial TCT Circular Saw Blades

Sawco Industrial is a Saw Centre brand of TCT industrial circular saw blades designed to give you the very best results in cutting technology.

These high line saw blades are super efficient with special laser cut silencing grooves which enable the absorption of sound waves that are produced while cutting both longitudinally and transversally. The main advantages of this are the absence of vibration, a better finished cut and drastically reduced noise levels. 

Our industrial TCT saw blades cover a wide range of woodworking applications such as general ripping, universal use and fine tooth cutting all for the professional woodworker.

Browse our selection of industrial saw blades.

Sawco Industrial Circular Saw Blades


Order online or call us on 0141 429 4444 to speak to one of our sales team.

If you are having trouble selecting the correct blade for your job, don't hesitate to contact us we'd be more than happy to advise you on the correct saw blade you require.