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Get Your Stihl Power Tools Serviced and Repaired

Stihl Power Tool Service and Repairs

The Saw Centre are an Authorised Stihl Dealer and Repair Centre based in Glasgow.

Our dedicated engineer has many years of experience within the industry servicing and repair Stihl power tools and maintains an extremely high standard of work. Generally jobs can be completed within a week but completion times for jobs vary depending on the severity of the problem you are experiencing. Some tools are easier to fix than others and quite often replacement parts will need to be ordered from Stihl to service / repair your tool.

How do I Get my Stihl Machinery Serviced or Repaired?

The process is really easy. Just bring your Stihl power tool(s) for service or repair to our Glasgow based trade shop and get them booked in with one of our trade counter staff. A £40 deposit is required which covers the engineers time to look at your tool which will be deducted from your final bill.

Once you've brought your tool into The Saw Centre our dedicated engineer will perform an initial diagnosis and you will be provided with a quotation for the work before anything is carried out. At this point you need to authorise us to perform the work on the quotation. Parts may need to be ordered for your service / repair and these come directly from Stihl in Germany unless it's something that we stock. You will be notified when the work has been completed and your machine is ready for collection.

Sometimes the work that needs to be done can be expensive and uneconomical to repair when compared to the cost of a replacement machine, in this case we will advise you that the machine may not be worth repairing but it is your decision whether to proceed with the cost of the quotation.

Warranty Repairs

As part of our excellent after care service we will perform warranty repairs on Stihl tools for our customers. For warranty repairs on Stihl tools that have not been purchased from The Saw Centre there will be a £40 non-refundable administration fee for the re-registration of your tool, only then can our engineer service or repair your machine.

How Much Does a Stihl Service Cost?

That's really difficult to put a number on because it consists of so many variables and factors that each service / repair is essentially unique. Even a simple service might require a few spare parts like filters or spark plugs or take far longer to clean up than you might expect. Because of this we cannot give you an estimate or a ballpark figure for the repair of your Stihl tool before our engineer has had a chance to perform a diagnosis.

See our Stihl Machinery Maintenance page to read Stihl's top tips for keeping your tools in excellent working condition.

Stihl Dealer and Repair Centre Near You

The Saw Centre is based just south of Glasgow city centre. Check our Glasgow Trade Shop page for details of how to get here and our opening hours.

Many of our customers travel quite a distance for the excellent service that we provide, however we may not be the closest Authorised Stihl Dealer and Repair Centre to you. Please use the Stihl dealer locator page on the Stihl website and simply enter your postcode to find the nearest Stihl dealers to you.

Stihl Spare Parts

We source spare parts directly from Stihl. They will always be 100% genuine Stihl parts.

We stock a wide variety of commonly used spare parts for all types of Stihl machinery. If we need to order spare parts specifically for your tool, it can take a few days for them to arrive from Stihl in Germany once we have placed an order. It's also worth mentioning that Stihl have a minimum order value for spare parts which affects when we can place orders. Fortunately we are a very busy service / repair centre so we send orders frequently to Stihl for spare parts, just bare in mind that things like this can delay the delivery of your parts and thus completion of your service / repair.